Aries Cancer Love compatibility

Created on: Aug, 03 2014 03:34 pm in Love Horoscope

Our Love astrology 2015 provides the intent where you can have the knowledge about the compatibility of the two zodiac signs. The Aries is of the nature Fire and the zodiac sign Cancer is of the nature Water and the combination makes the steam. Our Vedic horoscope 2015 suggests the Aries people, that if they are attracted towards the Cancer and want to make a serious relationship with them than they need to move very slowly and cautiously. It is seen that the zodiac sign Cancer is very emotional than the Aries. Still, there is a positive thing in this zodiac sign as both of the zodiac signs will inspire each other. This inspiration will help them to do something in their life.
The Aries people will be very romantic with the Cancer and the mission of your romance will be responsive as the Cancerians are very sensual and receptive. Both of these zodiac signs are very cardinal and moveable. This feature indicates that both of you will be very flexible and will always need a great variety in the lifestyles. It is also seen that the Cancerians are more home-loving and retiring creature. While the Aries people are very enthusiastic and this increases their energy and can also overheat the cool and watery Cancerians. The steaming energy will be useful when the physical intimacy is involved. There will be difficulty in between two of you when the mental and emotional level is not matched between two of you. The Cancerians are the one who doesn’t want the demanding family life and want’s everything to be stable in the life. But the Aries are the ones who do not settle down in their life and hunt for the new adventure things. They do not like the stability in the life. All these things make the two signs very different from each other. Aries can also sometime find the Cancerians love very boring as the Cancer remain stable while the Aries are not stable.
Aries want the freedom in their love life and if they get this freedom from the Cancerians than this relationship will be very strong and will move for very long time. If the Aries are born between 10th April and 19th April than the chances of freedom is much as the planet Jupiter is very influencing planet for that period. The Cancerians that are born between 22nd June and 2nd July will be sensitive towards the Arian power. The Aries will have the more compatibility with the Cancers who are born between 3 July and 13th July as they are ruled by the planet Pluto, Mars and Scorpio. The powerful love connection can also be felt. The Cancers born between 14th July and 22nd July will not be compatible for Aries as they will not be able to satisfy immediate and spontaneous activities.