This Saphla Ekadhashi helps in eliminating unenthusiastic energy with the Sudarshan puja.

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This Saphla Ekadhashi helps in eliminating  unenthusiastic energy with the Sudarshan puja.


The word “safala “or “saphala” literally means “success”.  On this auspicious day of saphala Ekadashi one who do fast and puja, it is believed gets peace, success and happiness in life. Thus this puja has got very significant value.


Safala or Saphala Ekadashi auspicious day falls on the Krishna Paksh of paush ekadashi in the Margashira month. As per Hindu mythology, it is believed that keeping puja and fast on this special day of Safala Ekadashi would help the follower to achieve success in every phase of life and it opens the doors of success and recognition for him.


It is believed that Safala Ekadshi  pujan helps in refining sins dedicated and it also helps to open the doors of achievement in earthly life. Ekadashi is a special day which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and according to the Hindu calendar it occurs on every 11th day of lunar fornight.


Saphla Ekadashi falls on 2015.


On this auspicious day of Ekadashi Sadhnas and Rituals are performed which are too powerful to create desirable results. A wonderful result is obtained with the help of such puja.


If you have any doubts and wish to overcome from unenthusiastic energy then Sudarshan Puja must be required. Everyone wants peace, success and happiness in life. To obtain these wonderful blessings you are required to go through a number of obstacles. If you suffer from all these difficulties in your way to get achievement then these are referred as “negative energy”. By the help of Sudarshan Puja all these types of negative energy can be detected. Sudarashan Chakra is the weapon of Lord Vishnu. This puja gives peace and prosperity. It is believed that Lord Vishnu is the protector of world. He is the one who is held responsible to keep peace in the universe. This puja is helpful for those who want to destroy the enemies and want a protection.


With the help of Sudarshan Puja peace and prosperity can simply be achieved. Weapon of Lord Vishnu is used to remove the enemies. It is mainly noted that Sudarshan Puja is useful to avoid accidents in the future path of life. Sudarashan puja is helpful for positive beginning of several events and to attain courage and prosperity. It is also helpful in curing diseases.



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