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Everybody is human entity and is related with each other. Just like a flower bloom at the perfect time and surrounding, similarly a new human being is born with a new look at the perfect time. The time means the planetary positions. Yes ever entity is being linked with the constant motion of the planets, stars, moons, suns and the planets, the nine planets has a different kinds of effect on the human body and that cause many ups and downs in life, this is inevitable and cannot be ignored by anyone. It will happen as it continued happening from the ancient period of Vedic times.

Different effects of the 9 planets

The 9 planets that are effecting our every moments of life are as follow with a brief explanation of their effect on us. Firstly comes the sun or the surya in Vedic astrology is the ruler of all planets and dominates the zodiac sign Leo. It gives us the power of immunity and vitality with the power of resistance. Next come the moon which has the energy of preserving and creating. It rules over peace of mind comfort and wellbeing of people. The moon starts with the age of twenty four with the sense of taste, illumination, sensuality, wealth and good fortune. Moreover it shows the femalic character and with the moon not in good place, success is hindered a lot. Comfort of life is not gained and often suffers from illness.

The planet Jupiter is the teacher of the sun and has a good relation with the sun. it signifies luck and fortune . If Jupiter is places in a good position then it gives you name, fame and wealth. Long distance travelling, morality, charity, compassion and meditation are the effects of Jupiter that it has on the person which has the favorability of the planet Jupiter. It also tells about the karmas of the past life. it is also very important for the females as it determines the marriage proposal and relationship with husband. Rahu and ketu are the two counterparts of the planets. They are the two nodal points of moon where Rahu is the north node of the moon, then the ketu is the south node of the moon. They are the cause for the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. In every individual’s natal chart these two will be present as the malefic half planet in a bisectional manner of horoscopes.

Mercury is restless and makes you fickle minded and rules in writers lecturers, artists and many more. Venus rules the romance, passion, comfort and luxuries. Saturn brings well and good health and high esteem when placed in good place and if not it bring extreme miseries. And mars is fond of energy and strong determination. For financial astrology 2016 you can get by studying the effect of the planets in the year 2016.

Health related issues are also being handled. Health horoscope 2016 are also mentioned in the horoscope declared for the year 2016 which will help you prevent ill health.

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